The management and service team of Ridgewood and the House & Entertainment Committee has gathered a selection of experiences for you to enjoy!  

The Committee, made up of dedicated volunteers: Lanny Byers, Phil Cappelli, John Clancy, Michele Foye, Robin Haddad, Kelsey Hoyt, Kathy Manacek, David Nohe, David Parille, and chaired by Mark Paladino are all committed to creating entertaining and memorable events geared toward families, couples and individuals. The Committee will also work closely with existing committees (e.g., Golf, House, Pool, etc.) to stay coordinated and ensure maximum enjoyment of the club.


We believe a focus on family activities to be one of our highest goals. We currently have 248 children under the age of 18 and as new members come in we will continue to add to those numbers. We have already had successful Kids Game Night, Football Tailgate Party and Kids Monster Mash dance—all great successes and not to be missed events. Similarly, look for great spring and summer entertaining activities published in the coming months.

Couples and Friends

There is no question that a club is a great place to connect with like-minded people and to entertain close friends. To that end, we will have a bunch of entertainment for couples ranging from BYOB Wine Dinners to Date Night with live entertainment and themed dinners and happy hour for key dates during the year (e.g., Kentucky Derby).


Let’s not forget individual time at the club – the time you can focus on yourself and your well being. Stay tuned for possible guest speakers, springtime 5K around the course, or even a CoreFit group training with a special guest instructor.

Bottom line is we have a great club with great members and staff. As the Committees come up with new ideas for our club we will be able to build on a great foundation for this and future generations of Ridgewood Country Club. Thank you to all that have embraced our new events and thank you to the Board of Directors, Entertainment Committee members and staff of the club.

From the Art of Entertainment Series on the Patio, to Night Golf, to a variety of family activities, allow us to make the most of your time at The Ridgewood.